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Recent Buy

I’m looking for companies that are fairly valued, have a decent dividend yield(3% to 6%) and have a fairly long history of paying dividends consistently for 10 years or more. However, there could be some cases for exceptionally good company or a strategic buy for a very long term.

Here are some of my recent buy in month of December:

1) GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

GSK is a British multinational healthcare company that manufactures pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare products. It has presence over a diverse geography in 150+ markets and 84 manufacturing centers in 35+ countries. It has a Market Cap of $95.3B. GSK was founded in 1935 and headquartered in Brentford, UK.

GSK has a nice dividend yield of 5.91% and trading at $39.82, dropping from 52 week high of $49.08, almost 20% drop.

I bought 30 positions in GSK on 12/14 at $39.10 in my taxable account. It will add $69.90 of passive income on an annual basis.

2) BP plc (BP)

BP is a leading integrated oil and gas companies and provide fuel, lubricants, and petrochemicals products for diverse use. BP operates thru 2 main segments: Upstream to find, develop and produce energy sources and Downstream to refine, market, and distribute them to the consumers. It was incorporated in 1909, more than a century ago and headquartered in London, UK. BP has a current market cap of $92.2B.

BP has juicy dividend yield of  7.96% and trading at $30.13, dropping from 52 week high of $43.85, more than 30% drop. I added 50 positions in BP on 12/13 at $30.22 in my taxable account. It will add $120.00 of passive income annually that I do not need to work for.

Full Disclosure: Long on above mentioned securities.

Thanks for reading.

What do you think about these buy?