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Early Retirement (ER) – What it means to you?

I have set a goal of 12 yrs of being financially independent (FI) and Early Retirement (ER), but, what it means to me: Does it mean retiring and sipping tea in the back yard 🙂 Perhaps once in a while 😉 I am going to write some of my thoughts about becoming FI and its importance to me.

Being FI means following to me:

  • Able to spend and enjoy more time with family, relatives, kids and friends who mean so much to me.
  • Bring better balance and equilibrium in personal life. Increase my participation in the kids activities be at school, games, or education.
  • Freedom to be able to pursue other entrepreneurial activities, create new businesses and innovative solutions for the good of mankind.
  • Be able to participate in Charitable causes that mean a lot to me and community services. Even though, we are the richest nation in the world and still kids go hungry breaks my heart. so, hopefully, FI would allow me to devote more time to these noble causes.
  • Able to travel to various beautiful parts of world in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and others, explore their rich culture and take a long road trip in all states of US and world.

Dividend Mantra said succinctly: FI is about Choice. Yes, it is about choice my friends!

You can have choices in the life that can enrich life and touch someone’s life hopefully 🙂

What does Financial Independence (FI) and Early Retirement (ER) mean to you?

Thanks for reading.