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A Million Dollar Question – Which Mobile Computing Device to Buy?

I know it may be little funny and perhaps un-interesting to some, however, I’ve been conflicted big time about the mobile computing device to purchase, really I’m, not due to scarcity of choice between various form factor of devices but due to the multitude and cacophony of devices like laptops, ultra-book, tablets, phablets, smart-phones, etc. Each one is shouting out-loud for my attention and mind space. In various corners of my brain, I’m in love with each of them for one reason or other; however, I can use only one device at one point of time 🙂  not surprisingly so.

Even since Surface RT and Pro tablets were announced by Microsoft, I was so excited like a young kid on the block jumping up and down with joy, thinking it will be a panacea and kill two birds with one stone: laptop folded into a tablet, and therefore, getting tablet as well as a laptop. I remember that I ran like a rabbit to a Demo store to lay my hard hands on mushy and cushy soft Surface RT and Pro. But, boy! I was truly disappointed, my hopes were dashed and just wondering what the Microsoft geeks were up to. Anyways, I gathered myself and on the first day when Apple released iPad Air, crossed the Rubicon and bought it for fun and tried to heal myself with this new toy.

Last week, Microsoft released another avatar of Surface as Surface Pro 3 in New York to a select audience, and my senses were tickled again but this time with some tampering. What I’ve read so far, this device looks promising to me, athough, I’ve yet to lay my hands on it. Panos Panay, Microsoft VP, beautifully tagged it: “I am sure, Satya. I am sure that is the tablet that can replace the laptop”. That is a big statement and only future will tell whether Surface turns out to be as revolutionary as it was being envisioned and touted from the very beginning. Some competition guys for Apple, as long as it benefits the consumers 😉

My dilemma has been confounded by the recent purchase of yet another device: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 3 12.2 by one of my friend last week also. He showed to me little piece of delight with ultra-high definition (UHD) display, blue-tooth keyboard and mouse in tow, however, I’ve a nagging feeling that it may not provide the horse power that a full-blown laptop can.

As if above dilemma was not enough for me, I’ve been secretly desiring to consider Macbook Air with OS X Mavericks for some time, which is really an ultra-book with top-notch styling, sturdiness and beauty that is typically associated with Apple products. Now that Microsoft Office has been available on MacBook, it may probably serve all my purposes.

However, I’ve been using Windows devices for ever at work and moving completely to a different device scares me whether I would be forced to make a hasty retreat like the fiasco I’d when I bought the latest Windows Vista when it came out first, where I had waited for 4 months to arrive with top-notch advertised/marketed multi-media lollipops, but, had to abandon in haste.

Thus, my dilemma for a “perfect” personal mobile computing device still continues apace…

Full Disclosure: Owns Apple iPad Air, laptops and desktops (feels like they belong to dinosaur era 😉

Have you been in same dilemma as me? What device do you think are the best buy or considering to buy or already bought? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.