Dividend Income Update – November 2014

Its time for me to post dividend income earned from my portfolios: DRIP, HID1, HID2, & RothI enjoy sharing them as these passive dividend income provides me great inspiration and encouragement to keep chugging along and hopefully to the readers.

I scored a single hundred plus in total passive dividend Income: $163.97 to be precise, this was 8th time of receiving triple digit dividend income this year. This month alone, my dividend income was more than 41.38% compared to full last year’s. That’s awesome. It only shows the power of Dividend Income engine. I’m that much closer to being Financially Independent (FI) and living a life that I want to live, be independent and not have to rely on someone else. Isn’t that a powerful motivator!

Passive Dividend Income – November 2014

1. Dividend Re-Investment Plan Portfolio (DRIP) 
Abbvie Inc. (ABBV): $5.83
The Clorox Company (CLX): $7.10
The Proctor & Gamble Company (PG): $27.04

2. High Dividend Income Growth Portfolio 1 (HID1
American Capital Agency (AGNC): $11.00
American Real Estate Cap (ARCP): $10.42
General Mills Inc. (GIS): $8.20
Realty Income Corp (O): $4.58
Omega Healthcare Inc. (OHI): $26.00
Prospect Capital (PSEC): $11.06
Pimco Corp & Opportunity (PTY): $13.00

3. High Dividend Income Growth Portfolio 2 (HID2: None

4. Roth IRA
Deere & Comp. (DE): $7.20
Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI): $13.20
HCP, Inc. (HCP): $11.99
Vanguard Natural Res LLC (VNR): $7.35

Total Passive Dividend Income: $163.97

I want to own securities of Blue chip Aristocrats (companies with 25+ yrs of growing earnings) and Dividend Champions. Once the earned passive dividend income covers all my expenses, I will own my time as well and truly free from 9 to 5 tread mill.

I’d setup a goal of earning $1500.00 in total passive dividend income at the beginning of this year and already received $1606.80, smashing targeting comfortably :), though, I started out with a small base. So, we will see next year how the growth turns out.

Full Disclosure: Long in all above mentioned securities.

How did your Dividend Income do this month of November. Getting close to your target for this year?

Thanks for reading.

10 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update – November 2014

  1. Congrats on passing your dividend income goal for 2014. Several names we share which is great. Nothing like owning some solid dividend payers together. Seems like fresh capital and compounding are causing almost every DGI blogger to break 2013 totals. Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing how 2014 finishes out.

    1. Hi DH,

      Thanks for support and kind words. Yeah! It was a big achievement for me to be able to surpass the passive income dividend target for this year. You are doing great over there as well with more than $2K 🙂

      I’m also looking forward to seeing how the year closes out. Dec is always exciting times with many holidays thrown in!

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi Ray,

      Appreciate it. I’m happy to achieve my upgraded target this year, which is even worthwhile to me. I’m working hard to put capital to work and be independent in 12 yrs, which seems quite challenging right now.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    1. Hi Jason,

      Yeah. I killed the target this month only 🙂 Appreciate kind words and support!

      I’ve started planing my goals for 2015 and a draft is published. It will be an exciting step towards my 12 yrs FI journey.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Best wishes.

  2. I like how diversified your dividend income is so far! You will benefit from that going forward for sure. While I’m just behind you on dividends received thus far in 2014, I will try and catch up next year! 🙂

    Keep up the good work, each year the compounding will grow things faster and faster!

    1. Hi W2R,

      Appreciate liking my diversified portfolio. The benefits of diversification will hopefully help us when market finally takes a turn.

      You are doing fantastic over there as well. It will be fun 2015! I posted my goals for 2015, though still in draft phase, but, close to what I see so far.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      Take care.

  3. Passive Income Maverick,

    Congratulations on the $164 dividend income for November and surpassing your 2014 goal for annual dividend income. Looking forward to watching your progress throughout 2015.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi MCC,

      Thank you for your kind wishes. I’m especially proud of my November’s month of passive dividends, as last year, it was almost negligible. This only shows power of compounding and snow ball effect when they start rolling with a greater speed, and becomes a torrent. I see you have several Vanguard index ETFs and myself like them a lot, besides the DGI stocks that I track here.

      Glad to have you on board for FI journey.

      Appreciate stopping by!

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