Dividend Income Update – September 2015

Its time for me to post dividend income earned from my portfolios: DRIP, HID & RothI enjoy sharing them as these passive dividend income provides me great inspiration and encouragement to keep chugging along and hopefully to the readers.

Wow! what a month. I scored four hundred+ in total passive dividend Income: $417.73 to be precise, this is my first time crossing $400.00 milestone figure this year.  Passive dividend income hit a record last month and it was more than 125% compared to last year’s Sept quarter. Also, this month alone, my passive income was more than whole of 2013. It only shows the power of Dividend Income engine. I’m that much closer to being  Financially Independent (FI) and living a life that I want to live and enjoy my freedom.

Passive Dividend Income – Sept 2015

1. Dividend Re-Investment Plan Portfolio (DRIP) 
BHP Billiton plc (BBL): $28.04
ConocoPhillips (COP): $31.98
Chevron Corp. (CVX): $24.82
The Hersey Company (HSY): $2.39
IBM Inc. (IBM): $8.44
McDonalds Corp (MCD): $17.32
Royal Dutch Shell plc (RDS.A): $13.40
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT): $11.74
Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM): $16.35

2. High Dividend Income Growth Portfolio (HID)
American Capital Agency (AGNC): $10.00
BHP Billiton plc (BBL): $77.40
BP plc (BP): $29.75
ConocoPhillips (COP): $22.20
Digital Realty Trust, Inc (DLR): $17.00
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ): $7.50
Realty Income Corp (O): $13.30
Prospect Capital (PSEC): $8.33
Pimco Corp & Opportunity (PTY): $13.00
Royal Dutch Shell (RBS.B): $28.20
Southern Company (SO): $5.42
Unilever plc (UL): $4.85
Vanguard REIT Index (VNQ): $12.03
Vanguard Hi Dividend Yield (VYM): $8.98

3. Roth IRA
Vanguard Natural Res LLC (VNR): $5.29

Total Passive Dividend Income: $417.73

I’d setup a goal of earning $3500.00 in total passive dividend income at the beginning of this year and received $2683.33 so far. I’ve covered 76.66% of the target and close to target. The month of Sept was a big one for me and most of DGI bloggers as well. It covered some ground in the shortfall of last low month, that I’m glad to take. However, there is lot more ground to cover to achieve a challenging target for this year.

Full Disclosure: Long in all above mentioned securities.

How was your Dividend Income in month of Sept. Are you moving along the target?

Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update – September 2015

  1. That’s a nice chunk of dividends, PIM! Good to know your dividends were more than even 2013. I also exceeded my goal of last month which was crazy and will be posting soon. Keep racing towards FI, my friend!

    1. Hi R2R,

      Looks like you are cruising at full throttle. Great job there! I’m glad to score $4×100+ in passive dividend income. I set a new record this month. We will see how next month turns out.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great results as always and inspiring. Love seeing what fellow DGIers are pulling in and from where. I see you have some VNQ paying you. I started to look into that ETF as well. Pretty nice yield and low fees too. The REITs have not had a good 2015 which may make it a good time to nibble there. Great September and congrats on cracking $400 for the month.

    1. Hi DivHut,

      No doubt about that. Its always inspiring to set new passive income record in a month and seeing other DGI bloggers also doing great with dividend growth strategy. I very much like VNQ and it has done great over last few years. I believe REITs will tread water this year and next year, in view of lurking fed rate hikes. Most growth has happened in past and it will be slow growth going forward in my opinion however, yields are good and can be long term holders in anyone’s diversified portfolio. Appreciate much your kind words on setting $400+ record.

      Thanks for stopping by and comments.

  3. Over 100% growth!!! Awesome work! My wife and I just broke the $500 level for the first time and it is such a great feeling. We are really starting to total up some impressive numbers. The whole investing/early retirement community is really starting to put up some nice totals.

    Keep up the great work.


    1. Hi ADD,

      That’s really awesome, ADD to break $500 barrier and I consider it as a first step towards breaching $1000 milestone figure that DM recently achieved. Its almost one week salary for lot of people and you are that much closer to FI. That amount will cover lot of expenses.

      Thanks much for your comments and stopping by.

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