Exciting Journey – From $0 to $100K in Little over Three Years

What an exciting journey it has been!

Wow. I finally did it.
At the end of Sep 2015, my total portfolio value crossed $100,000 and to be precise: $107,741.13. 

How I started it?
I’ve written in depth about my journey: Learning, my Eureka Moment, Learning Re-Jigged, Dividend Investing and Learning to Walk in this article and what a journey it has been! My journey to more than 6-figures value started in Dec 2011 and my first dividend check was received in Jan 2012 and since then, it has been such an incredible journey with fellow investors that we shared, inspired and grow together.

I started with virtually nothing to amassing portfolio of more than $100K+ in assets and my journey is well documented every single month up to cents, cents make dollars, Is’nt 🙂 I committed to myself to religiously put some capital every month and cutting down any unnecessary expenses and living a frugal yet decent life. I opened a dividend re-investment plan (DRIP) with ComputerShare and set up automatic investments every month. Once money grew to a decent size, opened another brokerage with TDAmeritrade to better manage the dividends received in other excellent companies and currently, own close to 50 fantastic companies that keep giving blessings every month/quarter.

I’m targeting $3,500 in passive dividend income this year and so far, I’m on track towards this goal. The checks received are re-invested into the quality companies and that in turn generate more dividend income and this cycle repeats over and over again. Initial snowflakes become an avalanche of snow balls that roll down the hill with increasing speed and gathering more snow in the process, i.e., magic of compounding is triggered and before you realize, dividend income starts to grow on its own and you will be able to cover your significant expenses. Once this income is able to cover all your expenses, you have reached the promised land of financial independence: FI 🙂 Your initial hard work has started to pay off and you can begin to enjoy the fruits of your great work.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by Passive Income Mavericks over more than a year. Although, my journey started in right earnest at end of 2011/beginning of 2012, I only started blogging in March 2014. In short little over 3 years, my portfolio was built from scratch: $0 and now, it is filled with great quality companies that are sending dividend checks on my way, every quarter and every year like a clockwork and on the way, growing those checks by 5-9%.

Appreciate following my journey as we inspire each other, cherish and share those beautiful moments when we reach financial independence.

Full Disclosure: Long on stocks in my portfolio.

Thanks for reading.

12 thoughts on “Exciting Journey – From $0 to $100K in Little over Three Years

  1. PIM,

    Always here to support – HUGE milestone and I remembered when I crossed 100K… it was amazing and now I’m over $160K and I tell you what – takes a lot less time as the compounding is huge! Love the drip and love the journey. Keep it up!


    1. Hi Lanny,

      Appreciate much the support and kind words. Yep, it is said that first $100,000 is the most difficult one, and next one is relatively faster due to compounding effect, we will see. You are also closing at $200k, it will be a huge achievement that I hope to see soon!

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi R2R,

      Appreciate the support and greetings. Achieving first $100K is definitely satisfying milestone that I’ve worked hard so far, and we will see how next $200K turns out. I know DM and other DGI bloggers achieved it must sooner than they expected. You are adding quite a capital there and I’m sure you will be breaking this barrier much sooner than I did. Great job over there!

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi ADD,

      Appreciate the warm words! Yeah, its a great milestone to pass for sure that I worked assiduously for more than 3 years 🙂 Congrats on passing your $100K and I know what it feels, enjoy it and get ready for next $200K, its not far away.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi LeDividende,

      Appreciate much the greetings and support. Ha! My snowball is definitively getting bigger and yet it has to start at full speed 🙂 You are doing great there rolling your snowball and I’m sure you will be achieving it soon.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi Divorcedff,

      Appreciate the kind words. My friend you are not very far, though, it may appear so. Little additions of $10 here and addition of some there, adds up big time, you just need to keep at it consistently and I’m sure you will achieve this target soon than you realize. Good luck on your journey!

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi DivGuy,

      Appreciate the greetings, support and kind words. You are doing fantastic over there and I really like your 7 principles of DGI.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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