How to track your tax refunds – 3 Easy Steps

This is the tax season and tax returns are being filed during this time of the year with April 15th as the deadline, unless extensions are applied for. While talking to some of my colleagues, I told them that you can track your refund but they did not know about it. So, I decided to write this post to help folks who want to check the status of their refund. Here you go. 

  • On your internet browser, type the website address of IRS: www.IRS.govIn Search box at top right side, type “Where is my refund” and click on search icon OR simply, go to
  • Click on hyperlink: Where is My Refund and it will take you to Refund Status screen. 
  • Enter SSN, Filing Status and Refund Amount and click on Submit.  You will see Refund Status Results: “Your refund will be/was sent to your bank with date…”

Hope it helps you to track your refunds! and splurge, no read below 🙂

It definitely helped me to know the estimated date of arrival.

Now, plan on putting some of the tax refunds to Dividend Stocks, I put close to 50% in my Watch List stocks and reap life-long passive income.

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