My Goals for 2015

Typically, I start thinking about goals in last couple of months of the year, Nov/Dec, where I’ve some visibility how far I’ve come in that particular year and therefore, have a better picture for the new year. I would like to set ambitious yet achievable SMART goals that will bring me closer to being financially independent in 12 yrs. I started my FI journey in later part of year 2011 and this year 2015 will be my year #4 towards FI, when I hope to be a free bird and passive income covering all my expenses.

I began my journey with a humble investment of $50 in late 2011 and now, my Portfolio has crossed a milestone mark of $50K. This DGI community has been very supportive in my journey, encouraged me to achieve it and I hope to inspire other readers out there that it is possible to achieve your dreams, however, humble beginning it is, but, start you must today!

Without further ado, here are my goals for 2015:

Financial Goals (FI):
Goal #1 – Receive Dividend Income of $3500 in my Porfolios.
Goal #2 – Earn $1500 of Passive Online Income
Goal #3 – Receive a total of $3000 in Dividend Income in IRA Accounts
Goal #4 – Invest a total of $5000 in Roth IRA Accounts
Goal #5 – Contribute $15000 towards 401K Account

Personal Goals:
Goal #6 – Make 2 family vacations and road trips in Continental US
Goal #7 – Read 2 Investment Books

Health Fitness Goals:
Goal #8 – Exercise 2 times per week @ 20-30 mins

Charity Goals:
Goal #9 – Contribute 25% of online passive income to Charities

I also perform a mid-year review of my portfolios and overall goals in June/July to see how goals are going and fine tune for the rest of the year, if needed. Mostly, I keep the goals intact but if there are wide deviations between actual realized and targeted goals, I make small adjustments, however, emphasis is still to strive to achieve challenging goals set at the beginning of the year.

What are your thoughts on my goals ? Do you have any challenging or out-of-the-world goal set for this year, would love to hear 🙂

Thanks for reading.

14 thoughts on “My Goals for 2015

  1. Great looking goals there PIM! This community certainly has been an inspiration and I continue to be amazed at the amount of people popping out of the woodwork to join in our financial independence journey. It is fantastic!

    Good luck in 2015, $3,500 is a great goal and I look forward to seeing you accomplish it!

    1. Hi ADD,

      Could not agree more, this DGI community is fantastic and more people are joining this FI movement and we welcome them to join us!

      Thanks for kind wishes and stopping by!

    1. Hi Steve,

      Yeah. It is a dream run from $50 to $50K, that’s 1000 times and it was possible due to inspiration provided by many DGI bloggers like DM, W2R, R2R, DH, DGI, and many more. Hope that I can double up this one to $100K+. That will be really awesome and hopefully, it provides some inspiration to other readers out there as well.

      Appreciate the wishes and thanks for stopping by!

  2. PIM,

    You’re making great progress, bud. Stick with it. $3,500 in dividend income would be fantastic!

    Not sure I’d call any online income “passive” as it requires work, but I wish you the best of luck there. 🙂


    1. Hi Jason,

      Yeah, $3500 in passive dividend income will be awesome and you’ve played it a huge role in that.

      I consider any income as passive as long as I do not have to earn and work for actively, it just flows 🙂

      Thanks for kind wishes for my goals and stopping by!

  3. Some great looking goals PIM – $1,500 in online income is nothing to sneeze at, so I hope it works out well for you. As for your investment goals, given your recent push of capital and planned investments, I’d say you’re headed in the right direction!

    1. Hi W2R,

      Yeah. I’m trying to improve my online income but it is still a pipe dream where I want to be, but, hey, nothing comes easy and you still have to do some work for it. Hopefully, some day, it will just flow without working for it 😉

      Thanks for nice words and for stopping by!

    1. Hi Keith,

      Haha! I know I’m working hard for passive income to achieve FI, however, without charity, there is no fun 🙂 I would love to do more, and that’s the whole purpose of being FI, to be able to help and make a difference in someone else life. I think FI journey will be incomplete without being able to support charities that are near and dear to us, that we care so much.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi DD,

      Appreciate the kind words. Yeah. Last year, I worked very hard to bump up my passive income and happy to be achieved those goals. However, it was a tough challenge for me to cross $50K, feel great to have crossed that barrier. I think this DGI community is fantastic and supportive in my goals. Good luck for 2015!

      Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend!

  4. GO FOR IT MAN! You’ve done pretty well to go from $50 to $50,000 in just a few years. I am sure you will see spiffing progress this year too. I love the non-financial goals, especially the exercise one, as it’s something I’ve been thinking about these last few days. I cycle to work 2x per week, but I was thinking to get on my exercise bike upstairs in the loft on the non-work days too.

    But I most especially love the goal of 25% to charity. I hope you make a lot of passive online income so the charities will really benefit.


    1. Hi There’s Value,

      Appreciate the warm words and liking my Charity goals, believe me I consider it one of my most important goal, if not the top one. One of the reason for me becoming FI, is to be able to support more Charities in my spare time w/o having to worry about where the money would come from.

      That’s Superb! Cycling to work x2 per week is really a fantastic goal and I admire it as it is environmentally friendly and a greener option. Yeah! exercise bike is great, I use a treadmill but recently got a 10 mins vibration machine, that I’m laying my hands on. Will see how it goes.

      Thanks for kind support and stopping by to this little corner !

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