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I’m looking for companies that are fairly valued, have a decent dividend yield(3% to 6%) and have a fairly long history of paying dividends consistently for 10 years or more. However, there could be some cases for exceptionally good company or a strategic buy for a very long term.

Here is my purchase for the month of Mar 2015, and most likely last one for this month. This was an addition to my prior purchase of 15 positions in PM.

1) Philip Morris Intl. Inc. (PM)

Philip Morris Intl. Inc., is one of the prominent tobacco company internationally with 6 of the top 15 international brands, like Marlboro, Virginia Slims, L&M, Parliament, Merit, Bond Street, Philip Morris, Chesterfield, Lark, Muratti, Red & White. It sells its products in more than 180 markets with 15.7% share outside US. PM is headquartered in New York City, NY but does not operate in United States, where brands are owned by former owner: Altria Group (MO).

PM is trading at P/E ratio of 16.10, a healthy dividend yield of 5.21% and Market Cap of $118B. It has ran up to $91.63 at its 52 week high and currently trading at $76.79 almost 15% lower and gives an great opportunity to add or initiate positions at current valuations in my opinion.

I bought PM at $79.45 on 3/23 and added 10 positions. It will add $40.00 of annual passive income on a forward basis that will help propel me towards FI journey.

Dividend Diplomats recently bought 38 positions, Dividend Mantra considered it as the best stock idea for this year, Sure Dividend examined it for DGI Investors and many other bloggers have also recently bought it.

Full Disclosure: Long on above mentioned securities.

Thanks for reading.

Are you considering adding it to your portfolio also.

6 thoughts on “Recent Buy

  1. Great purchase PIM! As you know, we are big fans of PM at the current valuation levels and believe it is going to provide investors with a great entry point for a strong dividend growth stock! Keep up the great work and way to add some dividend income!

    Bert, One of the Dividend DIplomats

    1. Hi Bert,

      I’m aware that you guys have “A cigarette problem” 🙂 In all seriousness, PM is a great buy and will reward patient investors. Appreciate liking the buy.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi ADD,

      Appreciate liking the buy. Yeah, One brick at a time, makes a house! and a strong brick like PM makes a tower. Being FI is the goal and faster it comes, better it is.

      Thanks for stopping by as always.

  2. PM is a great buy at these levels. Awesome current yield and still shows growth prospects with decent valuation at current prices. I added to my PM in the summer and have seen the name float around in recent weeks among the dividend bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi DH,

      Could not agree more. At these levels, PM is a great buy and if it dips more, I might average down my cost. Great add by you as well.

      Recently, PM has become a favorite among DGI bloggers due to the dip it has taken and excellent yields in this ZIRP environment. It is simply a no brainer to me.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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