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I’m looking for companies that are fairly valued, have a decent dividend yield(3% to 6%) and have a fairly long history of paying dividends consistently for 10 years or more. However, there could be some cases for exceptionally good company or a strategic buy for a very long term.

1) Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI)

KMI is a pipeline company that is finding it tough going in this oil-glut to say the least. However, it has a potential to be big again in my opinion and even, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) bought it with boat loads of green bucks. I added 20 positions on 4/21  at $18.50 in my taxable account.

2) Welltower, Inc. (HCN)

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have been pulled down due to concerns about Fed raising interest rates and their impact on the earnings of these REITs. I consider a good time to add to my positions as HCN is selling at an excellent price point. The yield of 4.89% is also simply great.

I bought 10 positions in HCN on 4/20 at $70.99. It’ll add $34.40 of passive income on an annual basis.

3) Seagate Technology (STX)

I do not own too many technology companies in my portfolio, however, looking to add few to diversify my portfolio. STX appears to be a good value proportion as it has fallen to $25.32, almost 50% lower from its 52-week high of $60.09, P/E ratio of 12.85 and yield of 9.24%. Its possible that it may fall further if the drumbeat of recession takes some hold, however, for patient investors, it could turn out to be a good deal in my opinion, while getting paid for waiting.

I added 10 positions in STX at $34.35 on 4/11 and it’ll add $25.20 of passive income on an annual basis.

4) Vodafone Group plc (VOD)

Vodafone is a UK based mobile phone company that I recently added it. So, this was an addition to existing positions. VOD is trading at $33.31, a good price point to enter into the position. I added 20 positions on 4/22 at $32.96 making up total 160 positions. It will add $20.08 of passive income on an annual basis.

Full Disclosure: Long on above mentioned securities.

Thanks for reading.

What do you think about these buy?

5 thoughts on “Recent Buy

    1. Hi JP,

      It is tough to know in advance which company is going to outperform over a long stretch, but, I try to put eggs in different baskets. I believe that due to all the negative news, KMI has been pulled down significantly, and has more potential, though a risky bet. My most concern is STX and I need to observe it carefully.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    1. Hi Investing Hunting,

      Absolutely. Could not agree more. KMI is still raking in profits and it is the same company that it was earlier, oil will recover and has recovered: KMI will prosper in my opinion. Getting a little heavy on oil stocks 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  1. I see you own BAC also I own a few hundred shares I was thinking of selling after I it goes june ex div and buying WFC & JPM.The income alone will produce double the passive income. What do you think
    Wayne LI

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