Weekend Reading – April 19, 2014

A learning mind is always open to new ideas, thoughts and endeavors in life and there is no frontier that is beyond human race. Here are some of the best articles that I enjoyed this week and they can sprout seeds of new thinking or reinforce existing ones.

High Frequency Trading (HFT) explained by Mark Cuban
I am a big fan of Mr Cuban due to many reasons, first he is a Mavericks like me 🙂 and more importantly due to his great entrepreneurial  and business acumen. Recently, he started a conversation on  HFT and I am sure it will be fun reading for you. Also, he appears on Shark Tank TV show which is awesome to learn about the valuations of deals that are clinched in the show itself by sharks who sometime fight to get a good deal 😉

Sentiment Survey by American Association of Individual Investors  (AAII) 
I’m a regular subscriber to AAII and love to read thoughtful articles published in this pedigreed journal. Its instructive to know the investors survey and as of 4/16,  there are more investors in bearish camp (34.3%), as compared to those in bullish camp (27.2%). As being a contranian, it might indicate that market may still have more legs to run before it really runs out of gas. AAII also runs a Model Shadow Portfolio whose run of 17.8% in last 10 years is simply fantastic by any means.

Two Minute Solution By Wealthy Retirement
Steve MacDonald comes up with 2 minute retirement solution every week and it is very soothing to hear his voice. In the above link, he talks about Proctor & Gamble Company (PG) that has raised dividends since last 57 years in row and last toasted it with 7% raise.

How to Make Money Buy Happiness by MMM
Yes, we want to be financially independent (FI) but whats its end-goal. Passive income that FI status endows upon us is to ultimately provide Happiness and that’s all what it counts in our enriched life. Mr Money Mustache explores various aspects of money like buying feelings and frugal to cheap. It is awesome read!

Income Diversification with 50 stocks by Dividend Mantra
Jason has been building his portfolio that he calls as Freedom Portfolio and ultimately wants to include 50 high quality stocks for diversifying his income streams, which is awesome. Even if one of the stock goes to zero, it will only impact max 2% and that will be more than covered by dividends. Good plan for winning financially independence (FI).

20 Favorite Dividend Growth Stocks from 20 DG Bloggers
DGSI talks about 20 dividend growth stocks and it is a good starting list to research stocks from. I also own many of these blue chip stocks in my Portfolio for passive income they provide.

Starting From Zero has also prepared a nice potential buy list for April.

Full Disclosure: I own PG and many other securities in my Portfolio.

If you know any other great article or blog that I can share with readers, please do drop a line to me. Thank you.

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