Weekend Reading – Aug 16, 2014

A learning mind is always open to new ideas, thoughts and endeavors in life and there is no frontier that is beyond human race. Here are some of the best articles that I enjoyed this week and they can sprout seeds of new thinking or reinforce existing ones.

Get Free Gas in Retirement by Wealthy Retirement
Steve talks about the car expenses and how they can cost an entire year of income from a million-dollar retirement portfolio. Yep, frugality is a great virtue and saving in car expenses can definitely save an arm and a leg. Nothing against BMW, Mercedes or Volvo, if you can afford but consider some of these facts.

The Dirty-Little Secret Behind Corporate America’s Buyback Frenzy by Street Authority
We always think of buyback as a good sign of improving shareholder value as shares count reduces, higher amount of earnings per share could be distributed to less number of share holders. In this thought provoking and going against the conventional thinking, Christian explains how buyback by companies are not wealth enhancers. It’s interesting to read another point of view 🙂

Slow down by Dividend Mantra
Jason has retired from his active job and in this great read, he explains how he can enjoy his time, able to write with 100% concentration and energy and be able to observe the beautiful moments in life in a slow motion fashion and be with them.

A Millionaire is Made Ten Bucks at a Time By MMM
MrMoneyMustache talks about the importance of small amounts and how they can turn into a big amount. Could not agree more, I started my own FI journey with a very humble beginning of $50 and my portfolio is almost kissing half of 6 figures in short time. It only demonstrates the power of small amounts and how they can grow big over time. Great read!

Thanks for reading.

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