Weekend Reading – Aug 2, 2015

A learning mind is always open to new ideas, thoughts and endeavors in life and there is no frontier that is beyond human race. Here are some of the best articles that I enjoyed this week and they can sprout seeds of new thinking or reinforce existing ones.

1. The Ultimate Early Retirement Checklist
Joe of RetireBy40 has been retired since last 3 years and he is in good position to mention a checklist for other early future retirees 🙂 pay off debts, what to do in retirement, travel, build a social life outside of work, health checkup, test run retirement, etc. Good read!

2. Some Things Money Can’t Buy – How About a USTA 5.0 Tennis Rating
Sam from Financial Samurai posted an interesting article about things money cannot buy: e.g., we can earn all passive income in the world, but, happiness and peace can’t be bought. Nice take!

3. Stop Going Through the Motions
Scott from American Dividend Dream wrote an interesting piece where he suggested to change the daily routines and try to discover new things in life. Could not agree more as new perspective give rise to new ideas. What a wonderful thought!

4. Dividend Updates from Race2Retirement, Dividend Diplomats
RTR from Race2Retirement posted his passive dividend income of triple digits, just in 90 days of starting his race! He is definitely setting a benchmark in buying DGI growth stocks with his 6 Stock purchases in July alone. Lanny from Dividend Diplomats also posted his dividend income of over $700+. Great stuff!

5. August 2015 Stock Considerations
Keith from DivHut posted the stocks to buy in Aug: industrials like CAT, EMR, DOV and some of the usual suspects in Canadian financial companies like TD, BNS and RY. Great picks!

Also, AFFJ from A Frugal Family’s Journey posts the recent buys, mine are listed as well and R2R from Roadmap2Retire adds Chatter Around the World. Great collection!

Did you like any other specific post or book that you have read recently and wish to inform readers of this blog as well? 

Have a good weekend and thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “Weekend Reading – Aug 2, 2015

    1. Hi R2R, Happy to include a budding DGI blogger. You are doing fantastic with so many great buys over there. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi DivHut, I’m happy to mention your thought provoking posts. Keep up the great work over there. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi ADD, I enjoyed your post as well. Good job building up the portfolio over there. Sure, I need to enjoy as I’m been working very hard for passive income 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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